Resources catalog

Store, manage, and share any type of resource. Use resources such as certificates, files, web resources, and badges to enrich your course content.


Oversee every aspect of your site by configuring a wide range of site-wide policies. You can set policies for various accounts types, such as which features are enabled and what information learners can access.


We integrate with the most popular systems such as Google Drive, Zapier, CCF, QTI, PayPal,, Stripe, PayUbiz, PayU Latam, and MailChimp, and Panopto. Our App center allows you to enable and disable features based on your needs. Each app is easy to install and configure.

Trash can

Deleted items such as courses, modules, and resources can be recovered from the Trash can. You have up to 30 days to restore items before they are permanently deleted.

Admin menu

It's simple for a single person to administer a large site because all options are available via a single pop-out menu, and each feature has full online help.


We provide accounts for full administrators, instructors, learners, and affiliates. You can choose the prefered way of creating accounts such as using a form, self-enrollment, or email invitations.

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